I honestly can't believe that after all these years of adventures, hikes, climbs, and road trips, Yellowstone remains on my list of unvisited, must see national parks. All this time I've been putting it off waiting for the "right condition" to manifest before pulling the trigger. In my mind that condition consisted of experiencing the … Continue reading Yellowstone….

Mercy, Mercy, ME……..

At times, a collective sadness imposes its weight on you and pervades... The world seems obsessed with maintaining a suicidal bearing. For the longest, our government and the inhumane decisions it arrives at, on both sides of the aisle, have been the bane of my existence. Moral bankruptcy, corruption, a complete lack of ethical  consideration, … Continue reading Mercy, Mercy, ME……..

A Dance With the Dacks….

The Adirondack Mountains of New York never fail to enchant. Whether balmy and sunny or inclement and ominous, this range of rugged peaks, countless lakes, and endless forests begs to be explored and enjoyed. When a complete escape from the city's frenetic nature is the goal, it's to these lands of the Great North that … Continue reading A Dance With the Dacks….

Hello Hielo, A Date with ICE….

Alex Lowe, Conrad Anker.... I became aware of these two individuals as I initiated my deep dive into the world of mountain sports almost twenty years ago. I was a newbie rock climber at the time and they were already legends in the game of alpinism. The pages of Rock & Ice magazine was where … Continue reading Hello Hielo, A Date with ICE….

Old Man Slide….

The elevated one. The highest of the high. El Abuelo of the Catskills. These titles I bestow upon an old friend of mine, Slide Mountain.... At close to four thousand two hundred feet in elevation, this big boy of the Catskill Mountains assumes its position as the tallest peak in the region. And as is … Continue reading Old Man Slide….

On The Sugarloaf….

Are you fucken crazy?!! In this weather?!! In those mountains?!! Questions I've heard often over the years in response to my adventures in the out-of-doors. For the average person in my neck of the woods, it's inconceivable that anyone would willingly wake up before first light, on a frigid winter morning, to drive over two … Continue reading On The Sugarloaf….


  So maybe I have a "thing" for cryptozoology and folkloric creatures. It appears to me that I'm far from being alone in regards to this matter. Cultures the world over, since humans were capable of such imaginative feats, have shared stories and in some cases "evidence"  for the existence of legendary beasts and beings … Continue reading Bigfoot???