I honestly can’t believe that after all these years of adventures, hikes, climbs, and road trips, Yellowstone remains on my list of unvisited, must see national parks. All this time I’ve been putting it off waiting for the “right condition” to manifest before pulling the trigger. In my mind that condition consisted of experiencing the park with a significant other, a.k.a. a girlfriend, a group of close buddies, or some of the more adventurous members of my family. Ummmm yeah. It didn’t quite work out that way. My circle of friends has shrunk significantly, the one family member that would join me in a heartbeat lives on another continent, and I’m a divorcee still on the path towards healing. Damn it takes a long time….

Instead I decided, fuck it, I’m gonna get my gear together, pack my car, and take off ALONE. It’s not the first time I head out on an excursion solo. I figured, I probably should pay a visit soon before climate change and that THING we call president have their way with this wonderland of the national park system. A visit sooner than later also makes sense given the fact that Yellowstone sits on top of an active super volcano that could erupt any day now, obliterating itself and half of the continent.

So here I am in upstate New York preparing for the four day journey west that awaits me. It still hasn’t sunk in that this trip is a few hours away from becoming a reality. Excitement, anxiousness, sadness, curiosity, these feelings define my state of mind at the moment. Some of them I embrace, others I look forward to exploring and addressing as I make my way across the continent. This trip is about so much more than just marveling at the geologic wonders of Yellowstone. It’s about confronting the obstacles that have been impeding progress as of late and devising a plan, if you will, for life after my return from the Rockies. Vamo a ver….

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