Mercy, Mercy, ME……..


At times, a collective sadness imposes its weight on you and pervades…

The world seems obsessed with maintaining a suicidal bearing. For the longest, our government and the inhumane decisions it arrives at, on both sides of the aisle, have been the bane of my existence. Moral bankruptcy, corruption, a complete lack of ethical  consideration, and an administration seemingly bent on driving our country off of the proverbial cliff and into oblivion, are elements of a political reality that has us as a SANE people, at a loss for words….

When did serving humanity, addressing the needs of the masses, and ensuring that all life on this planet be granted the right to exist along with us, become so taboo????

Divisiveness, hate, insatiable greed, a lack of intimacy, poor communication, and xenophobia have our throats clutched in a vise like grip. And often are the days in which I find myself gasping for air, struggling to comprehend the madness flourishing in our midst…. FUCK….

Media ping pongs us back and forth from one propaganda machine to the other and in this era, all news is “BREAKING NEWS”….

And then they assassinated Nipsey Hussle….

Why? Another senseless death, another Hip Hop artist murdered in cold blood, another HUSBAND, FATHER, SON, and FRIEND prematurely laid to rest. An individual who redeemed himself and dedicated his new life to righting his wrongs and giving back to the community that birthed and raised him. An activist, a relevant role model, someone to give the youth, especially in Black and Brown neighborhoods across the nation, HOPE. STEM programs for the kids, entrepreneurial classes for those so inclined to follow this path, and a focus on GIVING back to the community are part of the legacy that Nipsey leaves behind. Yet, our media outlets prefer to concentrate their incessant coverage instead on the endless shenanigans of the creature we have labelled “president”….

LOVE has to prevail, SOLIDARITY has to blossom, URGENCY must be encouraged, and the extermination of life must become a phenomena of the past. The antidote for this malady  is an understanding that our current trajectory as a species isn’t “written in the stars”. It need not be our destiny.

Lets have a collective awakening and keep our hearts, minds, and eyes OPEN….

I continue to hike, climb, bike, and revel in nature’s sublimity as much as possible. It recharges the battery and sweetens my disposition and essence. It’s how I deal with the pain and reality of the world we’ve inherited…..

In the end, what else can you do? Life has to be lived, joy has to be shared, and something must continue to motivate us despite the conditions we find ourselves living under….

Palante mi gente, paz…….

It’s not written in the stars…..

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