Sweet Sadness & Venezuela….

Kant-zo (Alias Coco-Tazo) by Hiram Yunque


My oh my how the distractions manifest when the shit bombards the fan…..

IT, what my buddy so affectionately calls the “President”, is looking more and more desperate by the day. Shall we go to war with Venezuela in the name of “Democracy” and “concern” for its people? Why of course! With the border wall slipping through his hands and Mueller breathing down his neck, something has to pull attention away from such a miserable leader, administration, and it’s failures. Ancient political tactics we’ve witnessed time and time again. The same ole news……..

Our country is falling apart like a cheap suit but instead of focusing on the plethora of domestic issues that are dragging us down into the quagmire, we choose instead to take advantage of and pick a fight with someone who we have the massive balls to label a “tyrant”…….



Don’t be fooled my fellow Americans. Do not drink the ORANGE flavored Cool-Aid! This has absolutely nothing to do with spreading democracy and helping a foreign nation in turmoil. Venezuela means one thing and one thing only to the United States. OIL!!!!!!!!!

But enough of this…..

Politics infuriates and one must vent and release the pressure from time to time in order to keep on keeping on…..

Today we were kissed on the lips by a phantom Spring. From Antarctic conditions to balmy loveliness, the week has been one epic experience of extremes…

And here I sit on the porch, facing the sun, attempting to make sense of sweet sadness. Yes, sweet sadness. That melancholic state that comes gift wrapped with a pretty bow on top. It exists within the green house like walls of optimism. Today’s sun softening its effects. It feels like I’m wrapping my arms around it almost in a paternal manner, soothing it, telling it there, there…….

I’m intoxicated……

Intoxicated by sweet sadness, by euphoric inspiration, artistic machinations, and an unwillingness to follow the herd over the cliff……



One thought on “Sweet Sadness & Venezuela….

  1. I can relate to your feeling of sweet sadness. We live in such a beautiful world and it makes me sad when people do not take care of it and try to advance their own personal interests and ego to it’s detriment. No orange crush and cheetohs for me! I hope your weekend is going great!

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