January Gloom & Insomnia Research…..


The above photograph sums it up for me in regards to the day’s ambience. Boy has it been cloudy and rainy in my neck of the woods here in Jersey. It feels as though the sun has given up on us and refuses to stick around for more than an hour at a time. Weather can play a huge role in our moods, as we all know, during this part of the year. Overcast skies and precipitation are quite common during Northern winters. It’s funny though. Under the right context, say in the presence of a significant other, or within the throes of romance, the atmospheric conditions mentioned above can be quite charming and welcomed. But when you’re depressed, this shit doesn’t fly and it only fuels you with more the reason to lock yourself indoors away from the rest of the world. Fascinating how our psychology functions, isn’t it?

I struggled again with sleep last night but I’m still noticing improvements, however slight. Another issue I have is waking up early and taking notice of the time. Once I become cognizant of the hour, I start a countdown in my head of when the alarm will sound. Self defeating habits, I admit. But that’s just it! They’re habits and habits take a long time to reverse. I still started my day at 9 a.m, awesome, but trust me, the prospect of this early a start wasn’t exciting. The rain and gloominess were begging me to cave in and call it quits. I said FUCK YOU to the devilish voice in my head and headed downstairs to commence my round of little chores. After the ole tooth brushing, shower, breakfast bit, I decided to do some research on INSOMNIA. I’ve included a couple of links down below for your convenience. Let me just say, WOW! I’ll share a couple of startling facts with you now…

Estimates suggest that 10% of adults suffer from chronic insomnia while 15-35% experience it on a short-term level of anywhere from a few days to three months. The former can last years!!!! If we’re talking just in the United States, 35 million individuals suffer from chronic insomnia. This is terrifying and represents a serious situation that appears to be all too accepted in our society. You suffer from insomnia? No worries, you’re just a hustler with a lot on your mind! You must be an over achiever! Love the positive responses. As I probed on I found that Insomniacs are far more likely to suffer from chronic depression than sound sleepers. This affliction is associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and psychiatric disorders. Makes sense to me……

I’ll let you analyze the articles at your leisure but I’ll reveal one strategy that seems to make perfect sense to me in respect to the battle for Zs. Hugh Selsick, a South African psychiatrist and founder of the Insomnia Clinic in London, places an interesting emphasis on dissociating your bedroom from certain activities. In essence, he states that anything non sleep or intimacy related should be carried out in an entirely different room or space. All too often, our minds associate everything but sleep with our bedrooms such as working on our computers, watching TV, and simply lounging around, and these very same associations can plague our bedtime hours with unrest.

I took heed and decided to get my TV the hell out of my room along with my bookshelves and any other non sleep related, creature comforts. What’s left? Simple. My bed, my Yoga mat, an incense holder, and some wall decorations. That’s essentially it! Everything else as I said, is now located in the little space adjacent to my room that I’ve dubbed “the office”, and the basement. I’m optimistic and it seems quite logical in theory at least.

Let me just say that I take recovery, improvement, healing, and change very seriously. I don’t believe in talking the talk without the walk anymore and quite frankly, my life depends on this ringing true. From here on out I’ve decided to take any advice that seems to make the least bit of sense in regards to mental wellness and incorporate it into my lifestyle. And I hope that you do the SAME. Otherwise, what could we possibly expect to gain? What will have changed a year from now? I don’t know about you, but I look forward to nothing more in the world than being able to report in a blog post, at this time of year next year, that my life has changed significantly for the better. That I made it to the land of mental wellness and that you did too.

Well I’m off people… I may head out on the town tonight for a bit of diversion. Maybe a drink and some music? Alone of course…. With all this rain and its attendant gloom, I may decide to spend a little more time out of my home before day’s end. I hope you find the sleep and insomnia links to be very useful and enlightening and as always, have a wonderful, joyful end to your day.

Oh! By the way! I’ll be starting Animal Farm by George Orwell very soon….







2 thoughts on “January Gloom & Insomnia Research…..

  1. Good luck with the new sleeping arrangements for your room! I try to avoid looking at the phone in bed, and have found it has made a significant difference. I look forward to hearing if those changes make a difference for you! Have an amazing day!


    1. Yessss! I’m very aware of my smart device use these days… Tonight will be my second night under these new conditions. If all else fails, at least my room became more spacious in the process. Lol. Have an amazing day as well and thanks for the support and advice. Ciao!


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