The Catcher in the Rye, Sleep Don’t Come Easy, & The Thrill of Progress…..

Van Goh’s Ear Cafe, Union, NJ


Hola Everyone! Hoping you all had a fine day or as fine a day as possible. We’ve arrived at the end of the week so lets take some time, please, over the weekend to unwind and engage in our passions and interests. I’m content and you could say, happier. But before we get to the positive aspects of the day let’s get the yucky shit out-of-the-way. Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, SLEEP refuses to come easy. I didn’t meet up with the Sand Man until about 3 a.m! This is nuts! And then when I did manage to fall out, a dream, or an unsustainable sleep position would pull me right out of my slumber. BUT, I muscled through it and got my butt up at 9 a.m, irrespective of my ornery disposition and fatigue. If you’ve been following my sleep log, this has been my earliest rise yet! Esoooo!

Ladies and gentleman… If you have any suggestions in regards to achieving a better night’s rest, please comment at the end of this post. I really could use some advice. Tonight I’m having herbal instead of caffeinated tea in the hopes of alleviating my sleep predicament. I suspect it can be attributed partly to my bed and pillows. I’m also a side sleeper generally, if that means anything.

Anyway, the rest of the day went muy chevere. I got back to the good ole gym, CRUNCH, for some strength training and cardio. It always feels super nice to be back after a hiatus. Having people around you committed to fitness lends itself to a shared motivation and inspiration. If you’re depressed, a change in scenery and being in physical proximity to other human beings is crucial to improving your mood. If you can stomach it, DO IT! Plus, their’s always a CUTIE or two, or three to break up the monotony and help you feel better. What?! Like you people don’t notice these things??

I left the gym and on the ride back I felt the desire to listen to Jay Z’s Black Album. Guys and gals, if you’re into hip hop and feeling down, I implore you to listen to the track, Public Service Announcement. The energy of this song along with Mr. J’s braggadocio is sure to lift your spirits. Music is so key in the battle to rise out of the gloom. Play what you fancy, but play it often. I threw in a little Nas at the end for a poetic treat.

Yoga was next on the agenda after arriving back home, eating a quick-lunch, and finishing the remainder of The Catcher in the Rye. I’ll get back to this book in a bit. My Yoga practice was kick ass today. After exercising earlier, my body was still warm and ready for a nice asana session. It’s amazing how after only two days now my body has fallen back into the groove. I’m feeling more flexible, stronger, and present. I found a Yoga playlist on Youtube to help enjoy the practice even more. Summery House music usually does it for me. If you can fit in a gym session and Yoga into your daily schedules, you stand to benefit immensely. I truly believe this. If you don’t have time for a full class, do a few Sun Salutations in the a.m or before bed. Any little bit you accomplish helps.

So barring any natural disasters that may strike us tonight, hahahaha, the day was pleasant. I’m satisfied. But let’s get back to the book I mentioned earlier now….

Catcher In the Rye is about a teenager, Holden Caulfield, who gets expelled from a prestigious boarding school close to New York during the 1940s. To summarize briefly, he can’t stand many people around him and either finds them to be overbearing, vapid, or in his words,  phony. After his ejection, he ends up on an adventure of sorts that takes him through the cold, yet colorful streets of New York City before he eventually makes it back home. Drunken nights, prostitutes, obnoxious piano players, and old acquaintances team up to ensure that Holden remains in a constant state of depression.

Holden has a vision towards the end of the book about how he’d like to ideally spend his days. It involves waiting in hiding near a precipice while children play not too far away. The children, inevitably, wander too close to the edge of the cliff but Holden is there to CATCH them before they tumble over. My take is that those children are a representation of him before his mental fall from grace. In saving the kids, he’s saving himself. He’s saving himself from the fall he couldn’t avoid, a fall into a jaded, hopeless state in which he feels alone and out of touch. In the end, only his little sister and her endearing cleverness succeeds in reinstating his faith in humanity. Their bond seems like the only thing that keeps him going. I also suspect Holden may have experienced sexual abuse as a child based on his reaction to a teacher friend who caresses his head after he falls asleep in his apartment, following a drunken night in the city. This gesture really disturbs him and in his words again, felt all to PERVY.

I devoured the novel in three days and I couldn’t help but pity and relate to the main character. I know that feeling when you’re hyper sensitive, melancholic, alone, and the world and everything in it seems to be bent on disappointing you. I’ve known that feeling all too well and depression only amplifies it.

Reading is a phenomenal way to stay engaged or distracted depending on your perspective. Hit up the bookstore and arm yourself with a few reads when you’re feeling up to it. It’s amazing how close you get to some of these fictional characters. I kind of miss Holden already. Now I’m depressed again, damn. Just kidding. Hehehehe…

I hope my rant was of use to you and that some of my strategies are proving to be effective on your own paths and journeys. Have a beautiful weekend, stay active, hang out with your close ones, and may you all wake up looking forward to what tomorrow may bring….






2 thoughts on “The Catcher in the Rye, Sleep Don’t Come Easy, & The Thrill of Progress…..

  1. I have a suggestion for sleep that works for me. I listen to guided sleep meditations on YouTube. They help relax me and then I can get to sleep. My preference is the guided ones with music. I’m all about the vibes and how something makes me feel.


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