The First Day of a New Year…

Feliz Año Nuevo everyone! I’d like to start by welcoming you all to my brand new and first official blog. For my potential future supporters, I send a massive thank you out in advance. This endeavor is experimental and I’m hoping it serves a therapeutic purpose. Year after year I lie to myself and declare that I’m going to commence my foray into the world of blogging but for 2019 I’ve decided to cut the bullshit and get to it. 

You know, it’s not always easy being transparent. With it comes a healthy amount of fear and a sense that people can see you almost on a molecular level. But sans transparency, this blog would be a pointless rant. So, I promise to you ladies and gentleman that I will be as honest, genuine, and passionate as I possibly can. I shall warn you in advance though. The subject matter within these posts may be graphic, disturbing, shocking, very personal, and emotionally charged. But it has to be.

This blog will chronicle my journey from the pits of mental illness to the promised land of mental WELLNESS. I’ve suffered from depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and other psychological afflictions for most of my teenage and adult life and my goal is to not only share what battling these juggernauts has entailed for me, but to open up a dialogue with you in the hopes of brainstorming methods, tricks, and tools that can be implemented in vanquishing these seemingly indomitable opponents.

Let this be a safe place to exchange ideas and to express what is all too often inexpressible. I can relate to your frustrations and pain and know I stand to learn so much from all of you. I’m optimistic that by this time next year, I, no WE, will have risen to the occasion and attained a mental space significantly healthier than today’s. There’s no choice but to believe in the potential of experiencing a new reality. Embark on this road with me. I invite you.

Off to bed I go. Day one of 2019 started off slightly hung over, I blame the Puerto Rican Moonshine, but ended productively. The blog is officially on its feet, I bought a sketch book and a journal to help me along the way, and optimism has been fairly high. Tomorrow offers more opportunity. Goodnight to all, Happy New Year again, and may you rest in good spirits. Vamo Palante…. Lets go ahead….

Much Peace and Love,


SURRENDER that which no longer serves you. — Kevin Dann

Turner Hill Rd. Davenport, NY

4 thoughts on “The First Day of a New Year…

  1. Love your new blog Alexis! I will definitely keep reading about your experiences because i’ve also been thru some of my own. Life is not easy at times but we have to push thru it. I’m trying to let go and let God but it’s not easy. In the meantime let’s just hang in there!


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