Black Elk’s Blessing…..

I'm a little behind but that's ok. One thing about road trips, they're exhausting. Even with all the conviction in the world, instead of keeping up with your blog, you end up hitting the hotel bed right after showering. Lights out. Tomorrow I'll be back in New Jersey, back home. It seems like I've been … Continue reading Black Elk’s Blessing…..

Rain, Rain, Go Away….

All night it rained. All day today, it rained. With the exception of a few moments of sunshine, it's been a complete washout. Not good for one’s mood, not good for travel, not good for enjoying the sites. Fuck me! This precipitation has no end. I haven’t seen this much rain in a very long … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away….

Loneliness & The Sublime….

Last night it rained and at times it felt as though the wind might win its contest against my tent. Transitioning from a hotel bed to a tent and sleeping bag is never easy but at least the skeeviness component of budget lodging disappears. I didn't sleep so great and I was ready for daybreak … Continue reading Loneliness & The Sublime….

The Badlands & The Black Hills….

The west is a lesson in sensory overload. Landscapes in this part of the country defy reality and seem to exist in an illusory world straight out of a fantasy movie. You peer out into the vast spaces contained within the national parks and you repeat to yourself over and over, how is this possible? … Continue reading The Badlands & The Black Hills….

Into The Plains….

Emotions.... I had quite a bit of difficulty controlling my emotions on today's leg of the journey. The farther I get from New Jersey, from home, from what's comfortable and familiar, the lonelier I feel. I swear at times it's as if I'm a speck of flesh traveling in a world that isn't aware of … Continue reading Into The Plains….

Cuyahoga & The Midwest….

Cuyahoga Valley National Park.... I've literally driven over this park, south of Cleveland, Ohio, over a million times. Today I finally veered off the interstate and did a little exploring. I have to say, It reminded me of the Delaware Water Gap in Jersey. I took the super short trail to Brandywine Falls first. Very … Continue reading Cuyahoga & The Midwest….

Finger Lakes & Niagara Falls….

It never fails. That feeling that sets in when you know you have to say goodbye for a while. My parents and I had breakfast together before we continued on our separate ways. They would head south back to Jersey and I'd officially start my road trip to Wyoming. After watching them drive off I … Continue reading Finger Lakes & Niagara Falls….