So maybe I have a "thing" for cryptozoology and folkloric creatures. It appears to me that I'm far from being alone in regards to this matter. Cultures the world over, since humans were capable of such imaginative feats, have shared stories and in some cases "evidence"  for the existence of legendary beasts and beings … Continue reading Bigfoot???

Sweet Sadness & Venezuela….

  My oh my how the distractions manifest when the shit bombards the fan..... IT, what my buddy so affectionately calls the "President", is looking more and more desperate by the day. Shall we go to war with Venezuela in the name of "Democracy" and "concern" for its people? Why of course! With the border … Continue reading Sweet Sadness & Venezuela….

Don’t Be So DOGMATIC….

TWO weeks have passed since my last post and for good reason..... Some days you just don't have shit to write about and it's best to leave the keyboard or pen at rest until something occurs that compels you to create. Writing or any other artistic endeavor shouldn't be forced. I'm not in the business of … Continue reading Don’t Be So DOGMATIC….

Entourage, Creative Impulse, & A Whole Lot of Mehhhh….

Its been a while but I figured I'd give you ladies and gentleman a little break from my daily musings..... I would like to report that sleep and I are starting to consistently get along! Esooooooo! I chalk it up to making sure that I hit the bed when I'm sufficiently tired and no earlier. … Continue reading Entourage, Creative Impulse, & A Whole Lot of Mehhhh….

I Surrender….

Surrender.......... According to the New Oxford American dictionary, to surrender is to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.... Today I decided to do just that. I surrendered to my own delusions. I surrendered to reality, I surrendered to unrequited love..... In a previous post, I mentioned my divorce and the … Continue reading I Surrender….

Success! The Divine Taste of Sleep and the Desire to Re-immerse…..

I have GREAT NEWS! I woke up today feeling like I actually attained a respectable amount of sleep! Finally, after what has felt like weeks, I managed to knock out with much less effort than usual. What made the difference? Well, for starters, I took the advice I gleaned from the articles I found on Insomnia … Continue reading Success! The Divine Taste of Sleep and the Desire to Re-immerse…..

A Night Out On The Town & Ciroc……

 YESTERDAY ended with a night out on the town. You can only read and watch documentaries but so much before you start to go a little stir crazy. Besides, as per the suggestions of my new sleep plan, I wouldn't be able to hit the sack until I was absolutely sleepy and at 10 p.m, … Continue reading A Night Out On The Town & Ciroc……